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 Kaspersky Internet Security Final with keys until 2009!!!

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PostSubyek: Kaspersky Internet Security Final with keys until 2009!!!   Wed Mar 05, 2008 6:12 pm

1. Feature added to check for and download the installer package for the latest version from the Kaspersky Lab web
servers when the program installation is started.
2. Web page interception and processing mechanims of the Parental Control module improved. Now the component
analyzes both the contents of the root node of the site and each specifically requested page.
3. Data processing speed increasing and proxy server resource consumption reduced.
4. Support added for IP protocol version 6 (IPv6).
5. Option added to disable Firewall from checking for changes to files in a monitored application on every attempt
to join the network.
6. Recent Terms technology added to Anti-Spam, analyzing message text for phrases typical of spam.
7. Anti-Spam training now possible using outcoming emails on the setup wizard after installing the program.
8. Option added to import addresses from the Microsoft Office Outlook/ Microsoft Outlook Express to the Anti-Spam
9. Option added for skipping trusted remote administration programs (for example, RAdmin) from Kaspersky Internet
Security self-defense.
10. Improvements made to interface of the program activation wizard.
11. Feature added for testing network connections and updating the program when the connection is restored.
12. Program behavior when changing system time changed: the program continues to run.
13. Support added for Arabic-script languages.
14. Proactive Defense has a new mechanism for detecting next-generation keyloggers.
15. Extended capability for intercepting driver downloads (LoadAndCallImage).
16. Improved program self-defense mechanism for automatic selection of actions in notifications on dangerous
object detection.

Vulnerabilities corrected:

The following low risk vulnerabilities were patched in MP1 for Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0

KLV07-11 Kaspersky Anti-Virus License Protection Vulnerability

Kaspersky Anti-Virus license protection vulnerability could have been used to compromise machines if the date of
the computer was set to that of an earlier date than that of the license period. Malicious software could have
used this method to disable the product by simply changing the date a year back.

KLV07-12 Klif.sys driver - NtCreateSection param error vulnerability

Driver klif.sys incorrectly processed NtCreateSection parameters which causes system failure. This piece of code
is now removed from Kaspersky Internet Security

KLV07-13 Klif - Haxdoors of the Kaspersky Antivirus 6/7

Malicious code executed locally caused a system failure due to unsafe code in klif.sys driver. This code has
now been removed.

All three of the vulnerabilities listed above were low risk, which means that users need to manually launch the
malicious code before computers are at risk. In any case, it is recommend that all users download and install
MP1 to patch these vulnerabilities.

rapidshare.com Kaspersky_Internet_Securiry.rar

Extra Key:
rapidshare.com Key.rar
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Kaspersky Internet Security Final with keys until 2009!!!
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